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Pearls Necklace

All about Pearls


Pearl Necklaces and Earrings

With the launch of our new pearls collection, we thought we’d shine the spotlight on them here on our blog. Pearls are big this year, we’re seeing them everywhere and we are obsessed!

Pearls have come full circle in fashion history, dating as far back as 2300 BC the once rare gemstones were presented as gifts to royalty. Fast forward a few thousand years to 1893 and Japanese entrepreneur Kokicho Mikimoto discovered how to farm pearls. 

Pearl Necklaces and Earrings

This breakthrough meant that millions of pearls can be produced each year, this accelerated the pearls popularity making them more available worldwide. Edging closer to the present day the infamous Coco Chanel was pictured with strings of pearls draped over her shoulders, forever linking her iconic brand to the gemstone. 


Over the years pearls became heirloom items, passed down through generations and seen as a symbol of luxury, only worn for special occasions. We definitely still love them for a glam occasion too.

In the last 10 years pearls have made a comeback into mainstream fashion, designers like Sarah Burton and Phoebe Philo styled the gemstones in their own unique ways. Famously Alber Elbaz featured pearls in his 2013 collection for Lavin, styling them in contrast to dark edgy outfits. Critics were describing these accessories as “not your mothers pearls”. This collection really paved the way for the everyday wearing of pearls we see today in 2021.  

Pearls are no longer just for special occasions; they’ve quickly become an everyday staple. We love our pearls for everyday wear, they add a little sparkle to even the simplest of outfits. Our pearls collection includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The pearls have been paired with gold plated hoops and chains, giving a classic yet modern look to the pieces.

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