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The art of ring stacking – because one is just never enough.

The art of ring stacking – because one is just never enough.

The art of ring stacking – because one is just never enough.

For anyone who’s been paying attention, 2021 is the year of ring stacking! Here at Wee Jewel Co this is a trend that we 100% can get behind, because let’s be honest when it comes to rings, one just never seems enough! The great thing about this trend is there really is no rules and it’s pretty impossible to go wrong. Stacking is a simple way to elevate any look be it full on glam, or just your everyday jeans and a tee. But don’t worry, we all know every now and then everyone needs a little helping hand with inspiration that’s suits their personal style, so we’ve got you covered. Just read our style tips below

Mix up your size


No need to stick to delicate bands to stack, throw in a mix of thin bands with your chunkier ones to creates effortlessly trendy look. Our Bamboo and Chunky Rope rings complement each other perfectly and are the dreamiest addition to any Spring or Summer outfit – Mixing with light colours and pastels really makes the gold pop. Feel free to have a play about with each style on different fingers as there is the added bonus of these pieces having adjustable bands.


Be bold


As we said there really are no rules and mixing gold and silver can be a great way to bring a little bit of attention to your stack. Wearing both colours additionally opens you up to mixing metals through the rest of your jewellery too and gives you a lot of freedom to be creative. IF you haven’t seen already our Chunky Cage ring comes in silver and gold too and would be work amazingly together side by side to add some real drama to your everyday look. Stacking sideways or doubling up are also welcomed, don’t be afraid to do both at once incorporating a mix of designs and textures too.

Make it personal

Everyone is unique and at WJC this is something that we love to embrace within our designs. Pick rings that you adore and match your own personal style and make you feel you! We hope that our pieces inspire confidence, empowerment and beauty.

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